Having the right balance of nutrients in your daily diet is an important factor in maintaining good health. Unfortunately, getting 100% of your daily recommended intake of all nutrients can be a challenging task. Multivitamins are great for giving you a wide cover of many vitamins and minerals but do not necessarily address the specific needs of your body.

Everyone is different, and their multivitamin requirements should be too.

At Mix Pharmacy, our pharmacists can compound capsules with the precise dosages of nutrients that you require, and now with our online ordering system it’s never been easier to obtain your own personalised vitamin compound.

Leave a query and our friendly staff will get back to you with a quote and additional information.

Please note, all multivitamin compounds are made in quantities of 100 as this provides the most economical and practical solution for our patients.

For a summary of recommended daily intakes depending on age see:


Patient safety and customer satisfaction are the real key ingredients at Mix Pharmacy, and our thorough processes ensure that you are given the highest quality compounded and prescription medication… Ask your doctor today how compounded medicines can benefit you.

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