PEA Palmitoylethanolamide

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a fatty compound produced by our own living cells to restore balance in chronic pain and chronic inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties have been known in science for many decades since the first description of this compound in 1957.

PEA has been reported to down-modulate the cells involved in the production of inflammatory mediators. In the last few years, a growing number of clinical studies have confirmed the pain-relieving properties of PEA, in different chronic pain conditions.

PEA has been demonstrated in recent trials to decrease pain in diabetic neuropathic pain, zoster pain, lumbosacral pain (sciatic pain), carpal tunnel syndrome, endometriosis pain, menstrual pain, prostate pain and pain after stroke and in multiple sclerosis. It has been proven to be effective and safe in many different disorders, from chronic pains up to flu and common cold, due to its intrinsic anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

PEA appears to be very well tolerated. PEA lacks acute and chronic toxicity and is not associated with gastric mucosal lesions

PEA is a poorly water‐soluble substance and as such the dissolution rate is often the rate‐limiting step for oral absorption and bioavailability.

Your capsules have been prepared with a lactose-free excipient blend that promotes a faster drug dissolution by improving the solubility and improving chemical stability, thereby increasing efficiency of the active ingredient(PEA)

Take as directed by your doctor.

Note – As PEA elicits a progressive reduction of pain intensity, your dosage maybe be reviewed after 2 months


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