Compounding Services

Pharmaceutical compounding is a practice as old as pharmacy itself.
Our skilled pharmacists combine traditional compounding techniques with innovative new equipment, devices and formulations to produce state-of-the-art personalised medication for our patients.

The range of compounded products able to be made onsite include: capsules; suspensions; lozenges and troche; suppositories; pessaries; topical applications including: creams, lotions, liniments, ointments, sprays and gels.

Among others, our pharmacists regularly make preparations of the following:

From paediatric and veterinary suspensions, cosmetic and medicated creams to modified release capsules - ask our pharmacists how compounding could be the perfect solution for you.


Patient safety and customer satisfaction are the real key ingredients at Mix Pharmacy, and our thorough processes ensure that you are given the highest quality compounded and prescription medication… Ask your doctor today how compounded medicines can benefit you.

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